Thursday, May 7, 2009

Is being insecure bad thing?

I was in a conversation the other day with someone who was telling me about how insecure they feel. They were spilling the beans on their fears, failures and wondering if they would ever feel happy or confident enough in themselves to ever be happy. It got me thinking about what makes people be either secure or insecure? Are people born either way or is it in fact learned behaviour?

My thoughts for what their worth are that our sense of security comes from our frame of reference or belief system. I think that we all come to a point at some stage in our life where we feel insecure - not knowing where our future lies and feeling a bit out of control of our destiny. That is when we discover a belief system that gives us our level of confidence to face life's circumstances. For me that belief system is Christianity. A belief in God the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit.

Some people choose self belief, others in different religions and increasingly more on fads or celebrity worship.

As I christian I believe God deliberately created us with a God shaped hole that makes us incomplete in our human form. This 'hole' creates a missing bit in our lives and we humans then seek to try and fill this missing piece of the jigsaw. Most people try all sorts of things to fill the whole with from materialism to greed, marriage, family, sex, sport even popularity or celebrity worship. In the end these things are the wrong shape because the whole is God shaped and all the other things are the wrong shape and don't fit properly. Some may fill the whole to some extent or for a period of time but because its not a perfect fit we begin to 'leak' and we go searching for something else to help fill the whole.

For me God was the perfect fit and then its from Him I begin to feel secure. Knowing there is a higher power than me in control of my circumstances means that I can face life not being by myself but with some one who is able to help me today on earth and in the future in heaven.

Anyway there's my random thoughts - I am keen to hear your opinion.